We are experienced, trustworthy, and dependable. When hiring us, you are hiring experienced professionals to locate your loved one. When working a missing person's case, local law enforcement may not be able to commit their time to just your case due to their busy caseload. When you employ us, we will be 100% committed to you until your case is complete.

  1. Over 2,000 people go missing in the United States each day.

  2. Each year 1.5 million children run away.

  3. 98% of children that do go missing are returned home.

Experience You can trust

   In Search of... Investigations, LLC 

We guarantee effective and committed effort to your case. Our reputation and history of successful cases and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping others. No case is too large or too small for our company. 


You can rely on our investigators.

Our team consists of retired law enforcement officers with over fifty years of experience as certified and trained investigators. We have taken our training and experience and moved into the private sector where we specialize in locating adults and children who have gone missing and cannot be found by their loved ones. 

Specializing IN MISSING PERSONS CASES and Background Checks

Why Choose Us?


Why People Go Missing


Some people are missing as a result of criminal activity such as kidnapping or homicide.

Mental Illness

Some people are missing because they are suffering from mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia. This can be very difficult, not only for them, but also for their family.

Their Own Desire

Some people choose to disappear deliberately for various personal reasons. 

Child Abduction

Cases involving missing children are very sensitive. Children sometimes fall prey to not only stranger abduction but parental abduction as well.